The Kingdom of God is about relationships.  God works through people touching and interacting with people.  We pray that God will continue to build a unity among believers in our city that is built upon genuine relationships and the truth of God’s word.  We realize that this unity can only happen in the context of humble and authentic relationships.  Our prayer is that this kind of unity will make a positive difference in our city.  We call this “Functional Unity.”  We pray local churches, denominations and ministries throughout Boston will operate in a functional unity that advances the Kingdom of God in and through out city.  We don’t just want to be unified in our beliefs and in our prayers; we want our unity to be released in cooperative action.

We want to encourage prayer and ministry leaders to connect with one another.  We suggest the following 4-pronged approach to connecting and building through prayer:

  1. Neighborhood based pastor-to-pastor prayer and fellowship
    We encourage pastors and ministry leaders to connect with each other, to get to know each other’s families, to pray together, play together and speak into each other’s lives.  Isolation is the antithesis of revival.
  2. Neighborhood based congregation-to-congregation gatherings
    Once pastors know and trust each other, we encourage them to begin to bring their congregations together for prayer, worship and ministry activities.  This can be very enriching for everyone involved.  The people of God flourish when the are connected across congregational and denominational lines.
  3. Coordinated city-wide prayer gatherings & activity
    Though Boston is organized into neighborhoods, and those neighborhoods are practical and important, Boston is organized as a city.  If we want to see revival come to our entire city, we need to gather from time-to-time on a citywide basis.  Some have said it takes a citywide church to win a citywide battle.  When the church gather for prayer and for service on a citywide level, faith greatly increases and the city takes notice.
  4. Intercessory prayer activity
    Some people are called to be intercessors.  They are particularly wired and gifted to pray.  These are often the powerful, invisible agents that God uses to accomplish His will in our city.  We want to encourage gatherings of intercessors for prayer, encouragement and training.  Their informed prayer efforts will help to bring about and sustain God’s revival life in our city.