The Greater Boston Prayer Summit is an opportunity to meet with God and connect with His leaders in the Greater Boston area.  It’s is an opportunity to be refreshed in the presence of the Lord with other ministers.

Though the room may be filled with leaders, we try to simply enjoy God without a strong agenda.  This can be very restful for the soul, and often quite different from our common patterns of ministry.  It is also a time to be with and get to know people.  Many have found that they have begun to build real relationships with other leaders more quickly and easily in this environment than in most other settings.

What happens at the Summit?

During the summit, we gather for times of spontaneous worship and prayer.  We spend unhurried time considering God and declaring His goodness and attributes.  On some occasions we encourage short periods of solitude and silence. Often people lead out in song, or share Scripture.

We enjoy meals together.  One of the wonderful aspects of a Summit is having the opportunity to have leisurely meals with others with whom you have been praying.  Even if you didn’t know many people when you came, you will start to know them after praying and eating with them.  You get to hear each other’s stories and hear how they are wrestling with their faith, lives and ministries.

Sometimes we break into small groups and invite each other to share, and pray for one another.

A Summit is mainly a place to rest and “be,” rather than work and “do.”  Yet, it can be very empowering personally and corporately for doing when you leave.